Performance Fabrics



Standard set by US National Fire Protection Association for electrical safety in the workplace, which includes safety related work practices, training requirements and detailed guidelines that many electricians adhere to as their safety standards.

NFPA 2112

Standard set by US  NFPA on flame resistant garments for protection of industrial personnel against flash fire.

ASTM 1506

American Society for Testing Materials is the US standards development organization. Their test standard ASTM F 1506 is particularly geared towards those in the electrical industry whose clothing is exposed to momentary arc and related thermal hazards.


Canadian Standard CGSB 155.20

Canadian safety test used to determine the FR protection of garments including fire resistance, thermal protective performance, heat resistance, and thermal shrinkage resistance for those working where fire hazards are common.

UL Compliant

Complaint with guidelines set in place by Underwriters Laboratories, which was established in 1894 and has participated in safety analysis ever since.

These are our performance fabrics. PDF catalog is here.