GripSkin Pads


CushFlex™ GripSkin Pads: the Best Comfort Grip and Safety.

Superior safety & grip comfort for fingers and hands over current silicone pads or grip tapes in the marketplace which are too thin ( between 1/70″1/50″) , stiffer and tear easily. GripSkin Pads come in 2 thickness (1/16″ and 1/10″) with peel and stick tape backing. Our special material is thicker, textured, and ergonomic letting your fingers and hands grip hard slippery surfaces better and more comfortably. Peel and Stick on : smart phones, PDAs, hand tools, kitchenware, luggage, computer game controllers, bathroom hand rails, door knobs/handles, music equipment stands, etc. Deep textured antimicrobial surface let’s you get a comfortable safe grip for electronic devices, and safe comfortable grip with hardware items. Just peel it off and stick it on!


GripSkin Pads

Sheet dimensions: 4 x 4″


For Phones, PDAs and Electronic Devices

GSE-1: 1 sheet of 11 pads-1/16″ thick

GSE-2: 2 sheets of 11 pads-1/16″ thick

For Metal handles, Bathroom Handles and Rails,

Tool Handles, Boat Handles and Rails, Door Knobs, Gear, Mic stands, etc.

GSH-1: 1 sheet of 11 pads-1/10″ thick