Why CushFlex™? Our insoles are cushioned which means soft and comfortable but they have built-in spring-like flex and return. So even though they are very comfortable they don’t compress/bottom out easily like most insoles do. 

Less is more with AirSil™! Uni-body 1 piece construction is environmentally friendly-uses no glues or fabric. Lean and mean to the end!

CushFlex™ Comfort Insoles offer textured AirSil stretch silicone material to bring your feet the most comfort and protection with lightweight, high cushion/flex performance! Long lasting value!

CushFlex™ Comfort Insoles Add Spring to Your Step! 

CushFlex™ Win Men’s #CIM (1 pr)- Fits Sizes (US 9-13)

CushFlex™ Win Women’s  #CIW (1 pr)-Fits Sizes (US 6-10)  

  • Insole has micro air-bubbles for cushion/flex comfort performance!

  • Enhances foot comfort in your shoes especially for those with foot problems.

  • Absorbs shock and non-slip textured surface provides gentle massaging to feet

  • Keeps shoes & feet drier and cooler

  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs

  • Material: AirSil™ Silicone foam