• Eliminates odors by decomposing organic solids at the bottom where gas is created and released. Our specialized bacteria and enzymes also break down ammonia before it causes a problem.
  • It’s safe for Irrigation Ponds – CFlow™ will not damage grass like algaecides. Your grass actually benefits from the bacteria applied during watering.
  • Reduces Bottom Solids. CFlow™ bacteria and enzymes speed up the degradation of the dead organic solids.
  • Improves water clarity and quality by digesting suspended organics in the water and breaking down hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other waste substances that are harmful to your water ecosystem.
  • Prevents aeration equipment fouling due to organic slimy build up.
  • Does not require permits or licenses because CFlow™ is not an algaecide. The bacteria only attack dead organic matter. It does not fall under FIFRA review and nor require a permit license to apply.
  • Very economical.