CushFlex New Product Development

Click here for larger image CushFlex Benefits

  • Best comfort!
  • Long lasting cushion and return from micro-air bubbles . See picture on left 👈
  • Dual density.
  • Better shock absorption for enhanced comfort and safety.


  • Ideal for hand, foot, exercise fitness/therapy products, bike grips, insoles/inserts, luggage strap pads, etc.

CushFlexâ„¢ Materials

  • InGelâ„¢ for the SQUEEZE-STRETCH CushFlex feel! For cushions, stretch/squeeze fitness/rehab products.
  • AirVeaâ„¢ for slightly tacky feel. For hand grips, foot insole inserts
  • AirSilâ„¢ with silicone. For the best hand grips and pads with cool dry surface.

Durometer ( hardness) from Shore A 5-75°

Phthalate and  latex-free.

CushFlex™  from

  • Combination of soft/stretchy material forming a cushion but infused micro-air bubbles causing flex resistance. This produces a great cushion with great flex: CushFlexâ„¢.  Material can be die-cut from sheet or 3D molded.

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CushFlexâ„¢ materials

  • Can be injection molded into any shape, textures, logos, colors you need.
  • Can be combined with other materials to provide you with the finished products you need.
  • Contact us today with drawings or send samples for quotation. Contact us here.

CushFlex Grips pdf here