CFlow™ Products

CFlow™ Dental for dental evacuation systems that are diminished by buildup causing weaker suction. Natural microbial product-no harsh chemicals.

CFlow™ Commercial for drains & septic tanks. CFlow™ is the environmentally safe solution for the biodegradation of a wide range of organic wastes economically. From restaurant grease traps to large multi-million ponds and complete wastewater treatment plants.

CFlow™ Farm can be sprayed directly on the solid waste material or added to waste water runoff and septic tank/pond. It will break down manure and eliminate bacteria that live on it-eliminating bad odors and helping for easier manure collection more economically.

CFlow™ Aquaculture improve waters clarity and quality in commercial aquaculture, aquariums, fountains and ponds economically. Proven effective in both salt and fresh water, CFlow™ Aquaculture accelerates organic waste degradation under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Resulting in a more natural balanced marine  environment. Noxious gases: ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrates and other contaminates harmful to your ecosystem are all nullified. Effectively digesting and degrading heavy concentrations of organic mass within the aquatic system, CFlow™ Aquaculture provides a healthy environment for freshwater, saltwater fish and shellfish. It gets rid of odors and reduces ammonia while increasing the harvest size, weight and viability of the livestock.

CFlow™ Clear Flow economic concentrated All-natural microbial for waste water treatment. No caustic or harmful chemicals released into the water table. 5 liter bottle. Made in Taiwan. Seeking Regional distributors in each product market! Enquire here!

CFlow™ Let’s Your System Flow Clearly Again!